Instant Crowd Pleaser: Magna-Tiles



You know how it goes. There are toys, foods, songs, etc that bring smiles all around. We will be highlight those this week.
First up: Magna-Tiles.

magna tiles

This basic toy delights kids and parents alike. It’s perfect for the 3-to-7 year old crowd. Actually, make that the 3-to-107 year old set.
Magna-Tiles are a 3D magnetic building toys that have an illustrious history (see below), but we like them because they provide hours and hours of fun.

From the Magna-Tiles website:
Magna-Tiles® were inspired by Pythagoras of Samos (560-480 BC), who was responsible for important developments in the history of mathematics. It was his influence and belief that the world can be better understood through number relations.



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