Innovation Week: Oblo Didactic Puzzle



oblo didactic puzzle

We couldn’t find where to buy this 3D didactic puzzle so we’re guessing it’s not yet available. But its chances are good since the Oblo and its designer Marko Pavlovic won one of this year’s prestigious IDEA awards.
oblo didactic puzzle

We predict it’s gonna be this generations’ version of the Rubik Cube, delighting kids and adults alike as the degree of difficulty can be modified for different age groups. Also, children are encouraged to find new ways to disassemble and reassemble the puzzle, making it recyclable and didactic!
oblo didactic puzzle

Via YankoDesign


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3 Responses to “Innovation Week: Oblo Didactic Puzzle”

  1. naiky Sep 03 at 4:02 pm Reply Reply

    Can you please notify me when this puzzle becomes available and where can I purchase it.

  2. Olivia P. Sep 03 at 7:29 pm Reply Reply

    Me too! This looks fantastic!

  3. joe Dec 01 at 5:01 am Reply Reply

    let me know when & where i can buy this!!!
    MUST HAVE!!!

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