Children of the World Memory Card Game



I Never Forget a Face, by eeBoo is a fabulous matching game for the five and older set. The sweet and colorful illustrations of children from Tanzania, India, Iraq and Israel, to name a few, beat pixels any day.
Alpha Mom Hints:
1) Stuff a couple dozen smallish cards in a ziploc bag and take along to entertain your youngster at dinner out or at the doctor’s office.
2) For little children use only a third or half the playing cards so as not to overwhelm younger minds.
Available for $12.95 at Amazon.

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2 Responses to “Children of the World Memory Card Game”

  1. RookieMom Whitney Apr 13 at 12:21 pm Reply Reply

    We got this for Hanukkah and love it. My three year old lines them up in all different ways that make sense in his mind. Sometimes we make a matching game, but mostly we just play with the tiles.


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