Birthday Parties (in a Box) by Tin Parade



Ever wish you could order a birthday party right out of a magazine photo shoot like Martha Stewart? Now you can with Tin Parade!

tin parade

We have written before about the charming “birthday-in-a-box” options that can be customized by Etsy artists. But Tin Parade takes it to a new level by sprinkling their own pixie dust, with special details like heirloom-worthy decorations to match invitations and party favors. All the birthday party accoutrements are vintage-inspired and the party themes sweet: baseball, circus, tea party, train, and “green” (really an eco-themed party).

tin parade

The price to order this packaged party set will set you back some coin, but if you always dreamed of a birthday fete that could be featured within the pages of a magazine and would rather pay someone else to pull this stuff together for you rather than scour the internet and vintage stores yourself, then Tin Parade could be your go-to source.

tin parade with stuff[1]

Let me know if you’ve ever used them. Would love to know.

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