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hotspot_ourworldschool.pngIt’s the story of a single mama, Sue, who decided to take her four kids on the road and make the world her kids’ oyster school for a year. And, I’m obsessed with their story and inspired by that mama’s vision. Luckily they have allowed us to live vicariously through them as they blog and tweet their journey. Their adventure is called Our World School.
The family has been on the road since late July and has visited 16 countries already. Each child has a specialty subject for which s/he is focusing during the trip. So far one daughter has taken a private ballet class with a teacher from the Kirov and another was able to attend Fashion Week in Milan with the help of Conde Nast Traveler. The children attend local schools and visit orphanages during their stops and have planned their trip such that it is Summer or Spring in nearly all the cities. This has allowed them to travel with only 5 outfits each in a 25lb backpack.
When I first stumbled upon their blog, the family had just been charged upon by a feisty rhino. That sure captured my attention. But what keeps me coming back are the stories and pictures of these kids smiling. *Happy Sigh*


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