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‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Halloween!

By Isabel Kallman

We predict a serious run on and scramble for Where The Wild Things Are costumes once the movie hits theaters October 16. Have you SEEN the trailer? Oy, it’s amazing.

Anyhow, we’ve searched the web and much to our delight we found some Max costumes!
There are a number of independent designers that have designed Where The Wild Things Are costumes and accouterments. Enjoy!

max_costume_irongate.jpg max_costume_2_irongate.jpg

This is perhaps my favorite and is available at Irongate. Psst, it’s available in adult sizes too.
This lovely is by Etsy designer Katesy. She can make a Moishe too and has lots of other lovely costumes to choose from.
max_crown_etsy_munstersandcupcakes.jpg moishe_costume_etsy_munstersandcupcakes.jpg
These are by Etsy designer Munsters and Cupcakes. Love the Moishe costume especially.
The most affordable costume find is by the movie studio itself, Warner Bros. Our friend Kyran shared a photo of her cutie pie in that costume version:
Also, just a reminder that if you’re looking for monster-related fun, you can find it Alpha Mom columnist Marie LeBaron’s eBook, Monster Mania.

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Isabel Kallman
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Isabel Kallman

Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.


Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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