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We remember how as children it seemed like Christmas Eve was the longest day of the year. If you can track every movement of a Fedex package (guess what I’m doing today), then why can’t Santa’s annual voyage be tracked too?
You can read about NORAD tracking Santa for the past 50 years. But, now tracking Santa is even easier. Thank you, internet. You are awesome.

Using NORAD’s special Track Santa site you can get several views of the big guy making his way across the world. See how he’s been through Asia & Australia already and is approaching Africa as of this writing. Google Earth makes it easy to just click on where Santa is to learn about that territory. There are even YouTube videos.

Just visit Norad Tracks Santa and start watching obsessively. Your kids will think it’s a hoot knowing that even Santa cannot escape the Google satellite (teachable moment here? hrmm).
As for me, I’ll go back to alternating between tracking Santa and my expected Fedex package (ie, present for husband).
Merry Christmas to all!


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