The Best Handmade Christmas Ornaments



Handmade Christmas Ornaments
Baby’s First Christmas ornaments are an adorable keepsake, but it’s easy to find some truly horrendous options. One way to avoid those is to make your own. I love the idea of taking one of your baby’s very first tiny socks, attaching them to one another creating a ribbon to hang them from. You could add a simple tag like these with your baby’s birth stats and the year of her first Christmas. Really simple and adorable. If you’ve lost all those tiny socks, it’s easy to do, you could buy a new pair to use.
Handmade Christmas Ornaments
Another classic First Christmas ornament is a clay and hand print ornament. Here is a kit which gives you everything you need, though it’s as easy to collect your materials at the craft store. If you have a very small infant you’re going to need to get an impression of their foot rather than their tiny hand because it’s very difficult to get those hands to open for any length of time.
Handmade Christmas Ornaments
I love ornaments that incorporate our best memories from that particular year. Which is why I’m very fond of this DIY ornament utilizing your Flickr images and Big Huge Labs’ mosaic maker. Simply choose your photos, create a mosaic with them and attach to card stock. This could also work as a baby’s first Christmas ornament.
Handmade Christmas Ornaments
I love these gingerbread men made of polymer clay. Your child could easily help you make them and, as Ljc did, you could create personalized shrinky dink paper tags for each one.
Handmade Christmas Ornaments
Kids Craft Weekly has several simple-for-kids ornament ideas. My absolute favorite are the paper lanterns and the paper cranes. Though after my sister’s wedding where we strung up 1,000 paper cranes, I’m not sure I’m up for it yet.
Handmade Christmas Ornaments
I have a feeling my kids would try to eat this peppermint candy wreath ornament right off the tree. But still it’s really cute and simple to make. Maybe Martha is going soft?
Handmade Christmas Ornaments
Derek and Lauren from The Curiosity Shoppe shared this wonderful tutorial for Modern Paper Ornaments at Design*Sponge. Sized as they are they’d be wonderful decorations in your window or maybe hanging down from the ceiling over my mantel or dining room table. You could also size them smaller (using smaller strips of paper) to hang on your tree.

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  1. Meghan Dec 13 at 12:08 pm Reply

    I remember one year in grade school (it was somewhere in the 1st-4th range) we made ornaments out of applesauce and cinnamon (like this recipe). The polymer gingerbread ornament reminded me if them, we used gingerbread men and heart shaped cookie cutters to cut them out of the dough, along with a drinking straw for the hole, and let them dry. 20 years later I still have them, and they still smell awesome. It would be easy enough to use a toothpick to make an impression of initials or a date in the fresh dough, and if you want them to last even longer/protect them from beraking you can use a spray shellac (though they won’t have the same powerful cinnamon smell like mine still do).

  2. Crafting Gal Dec 20 at 2:35 pm Reply

    Thank you for the ideas. I posted about this posting on my blog:
    Happy Holidays!

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