Summer Camp Word Game & Fill-in-the-Blank Letter Printable!



As summer stretches out before us I’m starting to scramble to think of fun things to fill our long lazy days. Of course there are chores and keeping up with our reading program…and we might take a daycation or two but what about the day-to-day?

Are you sending your kids to summer camp? How about sleepaway camp? Are you setting up camp at home? Either way I thought it might be fun to make up some summer camp fill-in-the-blank letters / word games inspired by Mad Libs! Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Mad Lib? It’s perfect to send away to your young summer camper to fill out while at sleep-away camp and then mail to you.


Just print them out and let your kid fill in the blanks.

There’s two ways we can see you using this Summer Camp fill-in-the-blank printable: you can use it as a word game or as a letter-writing guide to send home.

This is great for youngsters learning about verbs and adjectives, not to mention improving their vocabulary. You might even want to take a go at it yourself. Then send the kids off to quiz the neighbors too. It will be minutes and minutes of fun! I wish I could promise you hours of fun but that might require a few more word game printables, unless of course you want to assign creating a word game fill-in-the-blank to your kids. Who knows, it might spawn a summer of creative writing or at least letter writing from camp!


Happy Printing! And best of luck with your summer!

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One Response to “Summer Camp Word Game & Fill-in-the-Blank Letter Printable!”

  1. Janoe F. Jun 12 at 6:25 pm Reply Reply

    Thanks so much. I am sending this with my little guy next week. Hopefully, he will write us this time. LOL

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