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goosie%20cards.jpgI’m not a huge fan of any type of “teaching tool” for very young kids as I believe that play and everyday living is how babies learn. However, I do believe that small children are fascinated with cards, pictures and words and that flash cards are an inexpensive way to keep your child naturally entertained, particularly when out of the home.
That’s why I love these Goosie Cards; it incorporates two things I love, personalization and “on-demand” anything. You can print pictures of your family members and objects of your own daily life onto cards with words and let your child’s natural curiosity take over.
It makes for a great baby shower gift for a newborn with the pictures of all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents featured. Or, how about giving these out as a holiday gift to all the children in the family with its members near and far pictured?
goosie%20cards%20memory%20game.jpgI think Goosie Cards are great for the preschooler set who can use it to play everyone’s favorite game of Memory. Another idea is to utilize Goosie Cards to help children follow rituals and routines, particularly when you are attempting to establish a healthy new habit such as a new bedtime or chore schedule. Nursery schools have always used labeled pictures with great success, why shouldn’t you?
Goosie Cards can be created in 10, 20 and 26 card sets and prices start at $28.

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