Make A Mother’s Day Garland with Sculpey Clay



Use Sculpey clay to craft hearts and letters to use for a Mother’s Day garland, small gifts, or gift tags.

If you haven’t used Sculpey clay before, it’s a soft polymer clay that you can roll and craft into thin, delicate shapes, and then you bake it in the oven.

Premo Sculpey clay holds it’s shape after you bake it, but it remains pliable, not brittle, so it’s great for little kids. It’s also gluten-free. You can buy it in many colors at craft stores such as Joann’s.

Be sure to roll out your clay on a clean work surface, otherwise it might pick up dust and lint. You want to protect your wood table from the clay using a tablecloth or liner since the color pigment can transfer.

Roll the clay into thin snakes and then make the shapes you want on a baking sheet. Bake in the oven according to the directions on the package. In this case it’s 30 minutes per ¼ inch of thickness at 275 degrees (F).

Let the clay cool completely before touching or moving it, as it will still be soft.

Once it’s cooled, you can string them on ribbon for garlands and decorations.

What have you made with oven-baked clays?

(please follow all the directions closely with your polymer clay. Overcooking polymer clays can release toxic chemicals into the air. Also keeping the kitchen well-ventilated is always a good idea.)

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2 Responses to “Make A Mother’s Day Garland with Sculpey Clay”

  1. Alex Villareal May 04 at 7:49 pm Reply Reply

    I used to make hair wraps that looked like springs for a commercial vender out of premo. It’s great! we made all kinds of other things as well as the hair wraps, like little animals and rings. Also made beads with it when I was a summer crafts director, its great for kids.

    Just make sure that you don’t leave it in the oven too long, the fumes are deginatly bad for you, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it too many times in an oven you cook with regularly (by too many I mean a couple hundred, a few times is fine)


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