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We’re getting our Kids’ Halloween Menu in order and these are the foods we’ll be serving! The key for us is easy (few ingredients) and quick assembly.
Mummy Dogs
We found the instructions to make these in several locations, but I love the pictures at the Instructables. All you need are 1) hot dogs, 2) Pillsbury Cresent Roll dough and 3) mustard.
Monster Finger Food
We found this recipe at Family Fun which has some really great recipes. All you need are: 1) string cheese, 2) bell peppers (hello vegetable!), and 3) cream cheese to secure the “nails.”
Vampire Cookies


LOVE these vampire cookies. They were surprisingly easy to make and especially delicious right out of the oven. Also, you can reuse this recipe next month when the new Twilight movie hits the theater.
Have a delicious Halloween!


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