It’s a Pirate’s Life for me… Early Celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day



You don’t have to wait until September 19 to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. We celebrated in August and I plan to make it a monthly affair at my house.
Like many a preschool boy, my son is obsessed with pirates. Blaming pirates for his ill manners, as well. I’m eating with my hands because I’m a pirate. I’m speaking with food in my mouth, because I’m a pirate. You get it.
So, one warm summer evening I declared it Pirate Night and we went all out.
Here’s a sampling of the night:
The Gear: head scarf, costume jewelry and a cardboard-cut sword
Dinner: we get to eat with our hands
Dance on the dinner table? Why not?
Dessert Treasure Hunt with requisite map
Feet on the table? Of course.
More Treasure Hunting
Eating dinner on the beach last night my son was all, Let’s do Pirate Night. I saw him holding a tree branch and said Nope. You’re Harry Potter and I’m Hermione. I’m transfiguring this pasta into Hershey’s Kisses for you. Dinner was eaten very quickly.

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