I was named Mother of the Decade: roll the videotape!



I was named “Mother of the Decade” by MomsRising. See it’s on the news.
And you can be one too. And, so can your mother.
Send mom and grandma a personalized video anointing her “Mother of the Decade.” No one needs to know that I’m one too.

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2 Responses to “I was named Mother of the Decade: roll the videotape!”

  1. Mom May 07 at 11:23 am Reply Reply

    Thanks Isabelle
    for the cool MomRising video
    I just sent it to all the mothers I know.
    But I have just watched
    the best Mother’s Day video (True story)
    It has been around the world twice already.

  2. Anita May 07 at 2:41 pm Reply Reply

    Thanks so much for posting about the video, and congratulations on your award!! :)

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