Embellished Liquid Hand Soap



It is National Wash Your Hands week! This simple embellished hand soap will remind everyone to wash their hands!

All you need is a bottle of liquid hand soap with a pump. This one is about $0.97 at Target.

First remove the label. I used a little Goo Gone to remove the sticky residue.

Embellished Soap Dispenser Printable


Copy the soap dispenser printable onto a transparency. It needs to be printed on a copy machine to keep the ink from smearing. I tried printing on my home laser printer and the ink smeared.

Cut out the design.

Roll up the cut out transparency and place it into the liquid hand soap bottle.

Once it is inside it will open up flat. Use a wooden skewer and a pair of tweezers to place it where you want it. You can even add a bow to make it a cute gift!

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3 Responses to “Embellished Liquid Hand Soap”

  1. I think for guests this will work, because they will feel uncomfortable not doing what you ask. But for your kids? It will be only one more THING telling them to DO something. Reverse psychology, really.

  2. tasterspoon Sep 15 at 4:37 pm Reply Reply

    The Goo Gone tip is worth the price of the post! Here’s my return tip: use a foam soap dispenser and cut your soap costs by 2/3 (refill with your own solution of regular hand detergent and water in a 1:2 ratio).

  3. Lauren May 02 at 6:23 am Reply Reply

    This is going to sound weird but, peanut butter does the same thing as the goo gone. Crazy, right?! But seriously try it. Smear the peanut butter on the sticky residue and wait a couple of minutes for the oil to soak into that leftover sticky stuff. Then wash with dish soap! 

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