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“hidden” egg at my house
This post clearly would have been more useful to you all last week, but I was on vacation and I thought perhaps you will find this helpful for next year.

I try to forgo Easter candy and instead fill up the colorful plastic eggs with trinkets and other ephemera. In years past, I have done stickers, coins, and a variety of small toys, like finger puppets. Sometimes we stick in a Hershey’s Kiss or two.

This year, I lucked out. My son expressed a recent interest in cute Japanese erasers, shaped like food and animals. There’s even a name for all that cute Japanese stuff… Kawaii. So, I loaded up on it and went nuts. If you want to order some, they’re available at Sausalito Ferry Co. I don’t understand a lick on the label other than the web address and the NON-PVC claim.

Best part of our Easter Egg hunt? The ones that don’t get discovered until months later, like around Halloween.

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