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Have you heard of kidthing? It’s like iTunes for kids. It’s a safe digital media store and player. Instead of Rhianna, you’ll find some of your favorite books (like the Dr. Suess collection) animated and brought to life. Your kids can watch and re-watch their media without having to be connected to the internet.
But, it’s better than iTunes, because they also have lots of fun original projects for families. Case in point, kidthing is launching its Dear Mr. President Project today.
Your child can join kids from all across the country to share their hopes, dreams and ideas with President-Elect Obama. Kids participate by sending in a letter with their artwork. The top submissions will be featured in kidthing’s “Dear Mr. President” digital book, which will be offered for free in its store.
A printed edition of the book will be sent to President-Elect Obama! Cool. I highly doubt iTunes is sending him a mixtape.


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