Cutest Letter from the Easter Bunny



Have you heard of the World’s Smallest Postal Service?


You write the letter and then the fairies they have working there transcribe it on tiny stationary (1 x 1.5 inches) with a magical transcription device . It then goes into a tiny envelope which gets addressed, stamped, and sealed with a miniscule wax seal with your initial on it.
I’ve ordered ones for Valentine’s Day and my husband thought I was the most clever wife ever (like, duh!) and my young son thought it was the cutest thing ever, though he needed help reading the letter through the magnifying glass they provide.

I’m going to have the Easter Bunny send a letter to my son this holiday season and the folks at the World’s Smallest Postal Service have come up with the greatest way to execute that.


The card from the Easter Bunny is hidden in a plastic egg, along with the magnifier and paper grass. I’m going to be hiding this special egg along with the others in my annual tradition on Easter Sunday. Though the others are usually filled with stickers, coins and candy laced with red dye. This one definitely wins.

Easter Sunday is April 12th this year. So get crackin’. (bad pun, I know.)

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3 Responses to “Cutest Letter from the Easter Bunny”

  1. Diaper Cakes Becca Mar 28 at 10:20 pm Reply Reply

    What an AWESOME idea… girls would get such a kick out of this. This has Easter Tradition written all over it.

  2. Jessicca Jul 15 at 6:05 pm Reply Reply

    This is the most cutest thing i’ve ever seen! oh yea look at this isn’t that cute!

  3. Randi Jul 15 at 6:08 pm Reply Reply


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