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It’s tradition. Every year about this time I make a Chinese New Year (this year, it’s January 31st) printable. Last year, we made a dragon puppet but this year we are back into making paper animals. Why? Because they are fun!

It’s the Year of the Horse so we’re making paper horses. Neigh! Neigh!

Supplies for this Chinese New Year Craft

1. red cardstock (or white if you want to color the horse in yourself)
2. our Year of the Horse printable (click here to print)
3. scissors
4. a stapler or tape

Chinese New Year craft: Year of the Horse paper animal printable

Pretty easy right?

Directions for our Year of the Horse craft

1. Print out our Year of the Horse printable.
2. Cut along the solid lines
3. Roll the horse body into a tube so that the legs are overlapping like you see above.
4. Insert your stapler inside the tube and staple. This part might be a little tricky if you have a large stapler. If you can’t fit your stapler inside just use tape.
5. Bend your horse legs, neck, ears and tail (along the dotted lines) so he looks life-like

I apologize that this horse will probably not stand up. Perhaps you have some engineering training and you can bend your legs just right so he does. I didn’t have much luck myself. But that’s okay because my horse was a flying horse. I strung him with yarn and made a flying horse mobile! What will you do with your horse?

Happy Neigh Year!

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