Have an Hanami Picnic or Dinner under the Cherry Blossoms




What is Hanami?

It’s the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the flower blossom season– typically cherry blossoms. It’s an important social event for Japanese people, celebrated with picnics under the sakura trees.

Last year, we outlined cities around the country that are flush with Cherry Blossom trees and celebrations. Only problem with the Cherry Blossoms is that their season is fleeting only lasting a week or so. If you can still capture the magic– like we can in the NY area– do it this weekend.


If not, consider dining under the cherry blossoms at home. (Many florists know how to preserve local blooms a bit longer.) So, build a mini tree on your dining room or coffee table. Have friends over, order-in and serve sushi rolls, sweet dango dumplings and sake.

I can’t think of a better reason to have a get-together or an easier party to throw– whether in or outdoors– this weekend.

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