Hallmark Recordable Cards with Music: love ’em!



hotspot_hallmark_card.pngI’ve seen cards with music but I’ve never seen recordable cards with sound which also have music. Have I been asleep? I think these are new. Whatever… I love them.

Earlier this month I had to leave town at the crack of dawn to catch a flight to Nashville as I was a speaker at the Blissdom Conference. Ahead of that the Blissdom conference organizers sent all Blissdom attendees a care package of sorts with goodies from the conference sponsors. In that care package was a Hallmark recordable card with sound. (Thank you Blissdom ladies for your thoughtfulness!)

Even though I can’t find the exact card amongst the offerings showcased on the Hallmark website, the sentiment of the card was perfect. It was just what I needed to leave for my son as I dashed off in the early dawn without saying goodbye.
The card read No matter what, now when… I’m here for you.

When my son opened the card when he awoken, he heard my voice tell him that I would be home on Sunday and that I loved him. Then the card’s message box broke out into The Jackson 5’s I’ll Be There.

Would I ever gift this for my husband from me? Nope. But from my kid? Oh yeah. In fact, it’s a great easy and turnkey way to capture your little one’s voice through the years and send to grand parents and other family members.

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One Response to “Hallmark Recordable Cards with Music: love ’em!”

  1. Chris Mar 01 at 12:54 pm Reply Reply

    I also love the recordable storybooks from Hallmark. We got one for our son for Valentine’s Day and he loves it! Really cute.

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