Weekend Project: a Rainbow Library



Weekend Projects sound very, um, daunting. Weekends are for rest and relaxation, right? Yep. I agree. Though a weekend project need not be stressful, but a small and delightful task.
And, why not kill two birds with one stone and (try to) get your child in on the fun.
Other benefits, at least for me, were that I used it as an opportunity to pack up Ry’s baby board books and rediscover some big boy books that had been waiting for his attention span to grow up.
I found this great idea while perusing Design Mom’s inspirational blog. It was outlined by her guest poster, Andrea Scher. Andrea has taken Superhero to a new level if you ask. (I’m so corny I shouldn’t be allowed to blog.)

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3 Responses to “Weekend Project: a Rainbow Library”

  1. esther Jul 30 at 4:15 pm Reply Reply

    super cute, the bookshelves look great!

  2. Her Bad Mother Aug 02 at 11:38 am Reply Reply

    I am FANATICAL about bookshelves. Books are ordered, variably (makes no sense, I know), by size and by publishing house (academic titles) and by genre and by favorites. But I had never considered COLOR – by shelf, no less, to make a rainbow – and now will be obsessively re-arranging WonderBaby’s shelves and my shelves and holy hell like I needed a project like that. 😉

  3. Isabel Kallman
    Isabel Kallman Aug 03 at 1:57 am Reply Reply

    Yes, HBM, Rainbow is the new Dewey Decimal.

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