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nyc%20method%20store%20pop_up%202.jpgWhen I stopped by Method Home’s NYC pop-up store (it’s temporary, sniff), I couldn’t resist jumping into their Cleaning Confessional Booth and sharing my dirty little secret: when I had my newborn, I couldn’t stop washing my hands! Oh dear, the amount of soap, paper towels, water and time I wasted. But, I guess, I just couldn’t help myself. I feel much better now that my secret is out in the open.
If you need to get a dirty little secret off your chest, I suggest you stop by the Method Home store which is traveling around the country. It’s in NYC’s Soho neighborhood through June 7th, and then it’s going to Minneapolis, MN and then Charlotte, NC. If you’re in NYC, stop by the store (it’s awesome with a ) and use the code “ALPHA METHOD” and get 10% off your purchases at the NYC Method Home Store.

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