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We love this toy organization idea by Amy Turn Sharp of doobleh-vay.
This past weekend she arranged her sons’ Thomas the Tank trains in clear office-file organizers. Brilliant!


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4 Responses to “Organize your toys where you can see them”

  1. RJ Jan 06 at 9:38 pm Reply Reply

    Interesting idea. But I don’t think it’s really a good one. What about all the holes from screwing them on or the marks on the walls from the toys banging/scratching against them?

  2. Jenn Jan 07 at 12:15 pm Reply Reply

    It’s called wall putty and touch up paint job. Holes in walls don’t have to be permanent. This is a great idea for those little odds and end toys that get stepped on. Put them at your child’s height and they can put them away themselves. Ha.

  3. Sherry Artemenko Jan 07 at 7:28 pm Reply Reply

    Actually your idea to organize your child’s toys by type with all the “pieces, people and props” where they can see them is a great idea for promoting creative play and building language. Often as a speech pathologist, I go to homes and see all the toys and parts piled into toy bins where kids can’t readily access the pieces needed to build their creative theme. You certainly can play with a barn without the animals but it helps to have a few to get the play going! Be sure to always have play people to get the conversation going. On my website,, I have lots of suggestions for play to promote language development.
    Sherry Artemenko

  4. Jayne Jun 18 at 11:34 am Reply Reply

    Very nice, children won’t dump out every container searching for something.

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