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We love everything about the way Katherine Marie organized her family’s art supplies.
It’s so inspiring that I plan on doing the same this weekend for my son’s crayons and markers which are currently stored in an efficient and see-through plastic container.


The ubiquitous Anchor Hocking glass containers are so much prettier. If you’re concerned about breakage, you can usually find plastic mason jars for sale at the Container Store or Michael’s.
Just an idea for organizing and bringing a little pretty into your life this weekend.
[Via Crafty Crow]
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One Response to “Organize your Art Supplies”

  1. Katherine Marie Jun 30 at 6:52 pm Reply Reply

    ohhhhh those jars are soooo lovely. Are you going to post a photo of the final result? Don’t forget to check out your local antique stores for neat and unique jars– that’s where I found most of mine!
    Can’t wait to see your organizational creation! Keep us posted! :)

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