How To Make Homemade “Lunchables”



By Elizabeth of Table4Five
1. Give in.
For once, give in to your child’s begging and pleading and purchase a Lunchable at the grocery store. Try to at least buy it on sale if possible. Get the ones that include a drink pouch and just don’t read the nutritional information. It will make you sad.

2. Keep shopping.

While you’re at the store, purchase lean deli ham or turkey (thick slices work best), low fat cheese “singles” or slices, round buttery crackers, drink pouches, baby carrots or apple slices, and Glad Press n Seal Wrap. Pick yourself up some wine while you are at it.

3. Serve the “Lunchable” to your child.

She will promptly eat all of the crackers, all of the cheese, and one piece of the circular mystery meat. She will then claim to be starving an hour later and insist that a double handful of cookies is the only thing that will satisfy her hunger.
4. Get creative-time.
Wash out the empty container with hot soapy water and let it dry. Cut the meat and cheese into small rounds using a cookie cutter or a sharp knife, or just slice into squares if that’s easier and doesn’t make your head hurt. Fill the compartments with the meat, cheese, crackers, a juice pouch, and cram in some baby carrots or apple slices. See? It’s already healthier than the store version.
5. The reveal.
Tear off a piece of Glad Press n Seal and fit it over the top of the container to keep everything in place. Sip your wine and congratulate yourself on making a lower fat, healthier “Lunchable”. Try to forget that you have to do it all over again the next day.


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2 Responses to “How To Make Homemade “Lunchables””

  1. Heather in Beautiful BC Nov 28 at 12:08 pm Reply Reply

    Where were you with this great advice Elizabeth, when my kids were small and they hated tuna sandwiches?
    Love your sense of humor! Wine makes everything so much better :)

  2. Izzy Nov 29 at 1:49 pm Reply Reply

    Great post, Elizabeth! We have a lunchbox with compartments and I’m totally going to try your ideas.

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