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Famille Summerbelle World Map

I’ve been a fan of the papercut artwork of Famille Summerbelle, this Parisian-based husband and wife team for awhile now. They came on my radar with their intricate and whimsical papercut city maps like Paris, London and New York. They don’t have their original papercut artwork for sale, but luckily for us there are prints based off of their masterpieces in their shop.

Famille Summberbelle’s latest accomplishment is even more impressive… a WORLD MAP. How exciting! Lots of little details to discover with the entire world all on one sheet. Continents, oceans and seas all interlinked by “quirky characters and animals.” I particularly love that this world map doesn’t make North America the center of its attention. This is exactly the type of art I would lose myself in front of for hours as a child. Relevant, yet child-appropriate enough, to capture my distractable attention. (I would spend hours studying the illustrations of my Gyo Fujikawa books.)

Famille Summerbelle Paris Map

Map of Paris

There are also other pieces from the Famille Summerbelle collection that you must see. The prints and home accessories (including pillows, wallpaper and paper banners) are gorgeous for a family home and the room of a growing child. I am especially fascinated by the Mouse in the House! print.

Famille Summerbelle Mouse in House

Mouse in the House!

Famille Summerbelle London Map

Map of London

Famille Summerbelle Alphabet Print

Alphabet Print

Famille Summerbelle Counting Print

Counting Print

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