Best Popsicle Molds– Part 2



A couple of years ago, we did a very comprehensive roundup on the Very Best Popsicle Molds. Now that we’re hitting freezer pop high season, we wanted to complement that list with some new additions:
Freezer Jewel Pops Popsicle Molds
Isn’t this posicle mold darling? Love, love, love. It reminds me of the candy rings I hoarded as a child.
Sailboat Popsicle Mold
This sailboat popsicle mold makes us want to hit the ocean.
Lego Popsicle Molds
If your kid is crazy for Legos, there’s a popsicle mold made specially for fans.
Zoo Pops


Cute, cute, cute zoo pops.
Push Pops

Remember the push ice-pops? This popsicle mold lets you relive the memory over and over.
Happy Summer!
Here’s Part One:
The Very Best Popsicle Molds


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One Response to “Best Popsicle Molds– Part 2”

  1. Tom Johnson Sep 05 at 3:04 pm Reply Reply

    Where can I get molds to make popsicles shaped the “old fashioned” way — when I bought them heavily as a kid, each one I bought had two popsicles with a thin connecting strip. I (and everybody I knew) “broke” the two apart and ate one popsicle at a time. I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to find a “dual” mold, but I’d settle for molds which make them one at a time. Any ideas?

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