Nice Guy Award: Toys “R” Us



Great thing about having a website is that you can invent awards and give out accolades on a moment’s notice.
Today we created the Nice Guy Award. We have no idea whether Toys “R” Us is a guy or a gal. Guy just sounded better to our ears.
So why is Toys “R” Us getting a Nice Guy Award?
toys_r_us_logo.pngSimply because they instituted a “Gift Card Exchange Program,” allowing customers with KB Toys gift cards the opportunity to take advantage of special savings at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide.
KB Toys recently announced that it is no longer accepting its gift cards at KB Toys stores. To help those who may still have KB Toys gift cards, Toys“R” Us stores will welcome customers to exchange their KB Toys gift card for a coupon valid for 15% off any one item at Toys“R”Us from now through Saturday, January 31, 2009 (there are some exceptions, so check their website).


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