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Custom Artwork by Kiki & Polly

Yesterday I shared how I’m in the process of slowly collecting affordable commissioned portraits of my son at different ages in his childhood. The end goal is to have a small gallery wall of art in different mediums like paintings, drawing, sketches, and silhouettes.

Whereas yesterday I featured a pastel drawing by Etsy artist TUSH TUSH, today I’m sharing the portrait art of Lisa Golightly who works under the name Kiki & Polly. I first heard about her through my friends at Cool Mom Picks more than a year ago. Since then, Golightly’s work has been featured by Martha Stewart Living. Go Lisa!

To Golightly, at two different times I sent in photos. From one photo I requested a small painting in acrylic (see above) to gift to my husband two Christmases ago. Below is the original photo. An 8″ x 8″ canvas mounted on bamboo is $195.

Kiki & Polly

From the second photo I asked for a sketched silhouette. Below is the finished product and the photo side by side. The drawing is done on gorgeous art paper and has an instant heirloom feeling to it. An 8″ x 10″ sketch is $45.

Custom Artwork Kiki & Polly 2

The turn around was quick and Lisa was a delight to work with!

Again, I would love to know of any artists that you know of have worked with that do children’s portraiture.

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