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I’m sure at least one of your New Year’s resolutions is the following 1) organize your kids’ artwork, 2) frame and hang more pictures of your kids, and 3) document the family memories. Plus, it’s cold out there. Use that as an opportunity to make some beautiful things.
Darcy Miller Nussbaum, Martha Stewart Weddings Editor and scrapbooker-extraordinaire has shares her collection with us and she knocks out new year’s resolutions one, two and three with one stone.
How inspirational, but the best part, I think it’s easily replicable. Basically Darcy uses shadow boxes to combine photos, kids’ artwork and sentimental ephemera into a 3D scrapbook.
Look at her glorious work. To see all images go to Family History in the Making: Darcy’s Frames and Scrapboxes.
weekend_shadowbox%201.png weekend_shadowbox.png


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