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Dottery? Yes, Dottery!
painted pottery
Photo by Brenda Ponnay
It’s polka-dot pottery and crafty mama Bethany of Bethany Actually is a master at it. She and her preschool daughter visit the pottery store often on weekends and paint dottery.
Now that the weather is chilly this is a perfect indoor activity. Dots are awesome because they are simply beautiful. And, you can even start making your Valentine’s Day gifts now. Tell me a Grandma wouldn’t LOVE a mug with her grandchild’s fingerprints as artwork:

painted pottery

Photo by Bethany Actually
If you tackle one piece per weekend, by springtime, you could have your own play tea set.
painted pottery
Photo by Bethany Actually


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3 Responses to “Paint Dottery”

  1. bethany actually Jan 09 at 2:47 pm Reply Reply

    I feel I should give credit where credit is due…it was Sonja of girl with greencard who came up with the name Dottery. Vielen Dank, Sonja! (Did I use that right?)

  2. Sonja Jan 09 at 7:21 pm Reply Reply

    Thanks! I feel so special and important now! :)

  3. Jennifer Jan 11 at 12:55 am Reply Reply

    I’m a big fan of the Dottery. I think it’s beautiful and I love all of your color combos.

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