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In a couple of weeks I’ll be heading out for the beach which probably means lots of Mom, I’m bored whines by my seven-year old “busy boy” who is always looking for something new to do. So, I’m starting to round up some lists of my favorite (but, easy-to-execute) crafts and activities. Here are a few that I have been keeping bookmarked to myself, but I want to share. I’ll post some more over the next few weeks.

Ice Treasure Hunt


I found this brilliant craft over at Let’s Explore and it’s perfect for my son. He’s old enough now to be involved in the whole shebang: the planning phase (buying trinkets and treasures for the ice excavation), the building phase (layering the ice and the trinkets within ’em) and then figuring out how to extract all the treasures. I hope he’ll spend lots of time OUTSIDE on this activity.

Keepsake Jars


I love love the idea of a beach memory keepsake jar like the ones featured on Martha Stewart. I’m going to look for (non-breakable) extra-wide jars. That should be a lot less frustrating for kids to get their keepsakes in and out of.

Surprise Play Dough


A couple of years ago Melissa Summers created surprise play dough for her kids. She hid food coloring in otherwise plain looking homemade play dough. When they started kneading, the surprise revealed itself. Brilliant! And easy to boot. I’m definitely tackling this one this summer.

More soon.

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