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You probably didn’t know this but there is such a thing as a Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day. Since you didn’t know there was such a thing, you missed it. I knew there was such a thing but somehow thought it was January 3rd. Further research revealed my wishful thinking, still a belated snowflake is still beautiful. Besides, everyone knows December snowflakes aren’t ripe, you should always wait for January.
As a kid I don’t remember learning to cut snowflakes, I remember folding up a rectangular piece of paper and trying over and over to recreate the beautiful flakes my teacher could always cut out. Only I’d end up with a weird rectangular snowflake and maybe you have rectangular snowflakes where you live, but where I’m from the flakes are decidedly not rectangular.
Make a Paper Snowflake
To save my children this fate I went to the all-knowing internet. I did the same thing when I forgot how to make a cootie catcher last year and my daughter desperately required one. Not only does the internet show you how to fold your paper so you don’t end up with rectangular snowflakes, it also gives you templates to guide your cuts, from really basic cuts to extremely intricate ones. The mini flakes are a good choice for smaller hands.
Make a Paper Snowflake
You could also try making a 3D paper snowflake, isn’t it lovely? Or another simpler option would be printing out a completed snowflake for younger kids to decorate. You could maybe even use…..glitter glue. If you’re daring.
Make a Paper Snowflake
I have to admit, after the last month of busy busy goodness I’m all crafted out. If you are too, send your kids to this virtual snowflake maker. I’m warning you though, it’s addicting and I’ve spent more hours than I’m willing to admit here making snowflakes but also staring at all the ones other people have made. Some are so intricate I’m pretty sure they’re using lasers to cut them, or else my track pad isn’t giving me the dexterity of a mouse.
When talking about snowflakes at dinner my kids decided to cut a bunch of them to try and make it a snow day. To that I say, after a two week school break, “Over my dead body.”

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