How to Make Sand Candles



If you find yourself at a sandy beach this summer sand candles are the perfect craft! (These candles would also make a special Father’s Day Gift for Sunday.)

This craft can utilize some items that might already be at your home. Old candles can be melted for your wax and old crayons can be used to to color the wax. An empty soup can can be used to melt the wax. You will find the perfect wick right inside a tea light. Wicks and wax can also be purchased at a craft store.

Wax is highly flammable so great care must be taken when melting (this should be performed by an adult). Always place the container with the wax in a pan filled with water (a double boiler situation). While at the beach a camp stove can do the trick for the heat source.

Make a well in the sand. We stuck our finger in the sand three times (in a triangle shape) to make legs for our candle.

Place wick in the center of the well.

Carefully fill with wax.

Allow wax to completely harden.

Once the wax is hard, gently lift candle out of the sand. The sand made the perfect container for the melted wax and gave the candle interesting texture.  Don’t you love the legs?!?!

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4 Responses to “How to Make Sand Candles”

  1. Jamie Jun 18 at 5:06 pm Reply Reply

    What a simple and marvelous idea. I have a few weird looking candles that I am going to melt and repurpose into sand candles. LOVE it!

  2. Lisa Jun 23 at 6:44 am Reply Reply

    Such a cool idea. The possibility for different shapes would be endless!

  3. rdp Sep 04 at 9:38 pm Reply Reply

    I’m just curious: how did you get melted wax to the beach?  Insulated container?   Or did you have some heat source at the beach?  (Our beach doesn’t allow open fires.)


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