DIY Metal Can Lanterns



Set your yard aglow with DIY metal can lanterns!

This a great project to upcycle metal cans! For this project we used tomato cans, a hammer and a nail. If you want to hang the can lanterns you will also need a coat hanger or piece of wire. Just make a hole at the top on each side for hanging, and fasten on the wire.

Instructions for Metal Can Lantern Tutorial

First, fill the cans with water and freeze. This will keep the cans from collapsing when hammering.

DIY Lanterns Tutorial

My eight year old was quite a pro at hammering! She randomly placed holes all over the can by hammering the nail into the side of the can.

DIY Lantern Tutorial

If you are worried about fingers getting smashed, a pair of vice grips or pliers can hold the nail. (obviously, adult supervision and common sense judgment should be used here.)

DIY Lantern Tutorial

She was so proud of her hammering skills!

DIY Lanterns Tutorial

Sitting on a table or hanging from a tree these lanterns will give your backyard a beautiful glow. (The safest choice is always battery-operated lights.)

DIY Lanterns Tutorial

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3 Responses to “DIY Metal Can Lanterns”

  1. Joy Jun 13 at 1:10 pm Reply Reply

    Do you have a preference for a certain brand of battery-operated lights that seem to work well for these?  I’ve bought some of those fake-tealight types a couple of times and half of them don’t work and the other half don’t last very long!

  2. Lúcia Maria Jul 30 at 5:20 am Reply Reply

    Very goog and seems easy.

  3. Tonya May 21 at 5:20 pm Reply Reply

    I got to try the butterflies
    Can wait.

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