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Admit it Halloween comes around and you start thinking about candy! Candy Crush that is!  It seems like everybody these days is crushing on Candy Crush and we are too. We thought it might be fun to make Candy Crush character puppets (Tiffi and Mr. Toffee) that are created via printable for those of you (and your kids) who want to take your latest addiction to the next level (and we’re not talking about level 281!!).

Candy Crush Character Puppet Printables

First you’ll need to print out these printables:

1) Candy Crush Board printable

2) Candy Crush paper doll puppets of Tiffi (Toffette) and Mr. Toffee.

And gather these supplies to make your Candy Crush puppets:

1. Eleven brads

2. Two skewers (three if you want to add in our jack-o-lantern for Halloween!)

3. Something to color with. I like watercolors because the fine lines are easier to fill in with a small brush but colored pencils would work well too.

4. Tape

5. A small hole punch

6. Scissors

I made you two printables, but I’ve been informed by seasoned players that the Candy Crush character puppets (Tiffi and Mr. Toffee) don’t ever actually walk across the candy board so feel free to use one or both of these printables however you like. Personally, I thought it would be fun to make a stop-action movie. Maybe I’ll make some scenes for Tiffi and Mr. Toffee. Knock your self out. These also make fun props (like for a photo booth) for a Candy Crush party.

Candy Crush Character Puppet & Game Board Printables

Color the Candy Crush printables however you like. Then cut around the light gray line. Punch holes in each puppet part and attach with brads. Probably some small craft brads would work well here but the characters seem to have the big brass ones. The big tabs behind the puppet are a bit cumbersome on the back side but they do add stability to the paper if you happened to use cheap copy paper like I did and not card stock. Card stock might have been a better choice.

Attach your limbs with brads and then tape your skewer (pointy side up so nobody accidentally pokes themselves) to the puppet and you’re ready to play!

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Appropriate Age levels: Any age can color the printable and play with the character puppets but I would recommend older ages for assembling the puppet. The parts are small and require some patience.

Disclaimer: We love you, Candy Crush. We’ll take this post down if this bothers you. We’ve just made this craft because we wanted to keep the Candy Crush party going.

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  1. Rosilet Mar 08 at 3:24 pm Reply Reply

    Thank you so much for the tutorial and the downloadable pdf… this made the favors for my 5 years old’s bday party! 
    People was very happy with it :)
    kisses from Mallorca :)


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