Butterfly Costume Wings



With spring comes butterflies!

To make butterfly wings, fold a sheet of poster board in half and cut out a wing shape.

We decorated this one with watercolor paint.

Once the paint dries, punch two holes near the center at the top, and two more holes at the bottom. Take a length of ribbon and poke it through the holes to make arm straps.

It’s one continuous piece of ribbon tied in a loop so kids can put on the wings like a back pack.

I first saw this at a birthday party, and there is nothing sweeter than a bunch of little girls pretending to be butterflies. For a party activity, you might want to have the wings cut out ahead of time, and if the idea of several little girls painting together sounds like more than you want to get into, decorate the wings with stickers instead.

Welcome spring!

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4 Responses to “Butterfly Costume Wings”

  1. cagey Apr 07 at 11:32 am Reply Reply

    What a GREAT idea – I’ve never thought of doing this on a large scale like this.  Also, this could easily be applied to other creatures – even dragons or bats.  Awesome!

  2. Apr 23 at 10:54 am Reply Reply

    What a wonderful idea. My daughter loves butterflies and always wants to “fly”. This idea will also keep her coloring for a long time. Thank you for the idea.

  3. Kelly May 02 at 12:17 am Reply Reply

    Bats or dragon wings-thanks! I was looking at this wondering what my 5 year old son would rather have and dragon wings would be SUPER COOL!


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