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One of our favorite new reads is Inchmark written by designer and former Martha Stewart-team genius Brooke Reynolds.
Last weekend she and her family experienced a “close-to-perfect Saturday” she wrote:

pancakes at home, then off to the Wild Animal Park to see the new baby elephant (born just one day before), meeting up with old friends for dinner, and driving home late with the kids asleep in the back.

Oooh, visiting Baby Animals! Love that.

Look at this photo she snapped:

Here’s an awesome website, ZooBorns, dedicated to bringing you the newest and cutest exotic animal babies from zoos and aquariums from around the world. So, if you can’t see one up close, at least you and your kids can gawk virtually.

Also for weekend lovers, Brooke was the designer behind the new book Weekend Sewing. Yet another reason to love her.

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