Visit an Antiques Fair and Stock-up on Kids’ Dress-up Clothes




We’ve been inspired by Stefania of City Mama. Last weekend she visited an annual antiques fair in Southern Oregon and scored big.
See, Stefania and her daughters collect “olden days” dress-up clothes and they scored the above-pictured hat and gloves (for $3!) to supplement their play wardrobe. We love the idea of a closet full of vintage clothing and accessories used for imaginative play.
Now that we’re into full-blown Spring and have several months of antiques fairs and flea markets ahead of us, consider making it a family outing. So many teachable moments about upcycling and craftsmanship are possible. Plus, there are plenty of distractions so that you can do a bit of shopping yourself.


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One Response to “Visit an Antiques Fair and Stock-up on Kids’ Dress-up Clothes”

  1. Onna Holl Jun 01 at 9:34 am Reply Reply

    I always pick up “dressup” items I see at sales. Hat’s and gloves!

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