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It’s Cherry Blossom season and it’s super fleeting lasting just a couple of weeks. Go out of town or bury yourself in a project and Bam! the curtain has gone down.

So please, please, please get thyself to a park and find ye some cherry blossoms to admire.

In NYC, we are fortunate enough to have the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. (It’s a shame but I grew up in Brooklyn and have never been during cherry blossom season. Confession over. It’s #20 on My 40 Before 40 List.)

The cherry blossoms are such a big deal at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens that they have a Cherry Blossom Status watch to let you know how the blooms are progressing.


Luckily, several other cities are flush with Cherry Blossom trees and celebrations.

Washington D.C.
Macon, Georgia
Los Angeles (Balboa Boulevard in Van Nuys)
Philadelphia (Fairmount Park)
Newark (Belleville & Bloomfield), New Jersey
Seattle (located in the Quad at the University of Washington)

If we’ve missed any, please let us know! If you visit, please send us pictures.

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One Response to “See the Cherry Blossoms”

  1. Kirstie Apr 16 at 2:03 pm Reply Reply

    My boyfriend is from Belleville, NJ, and lives about 5 minutes from the park. It’s the biggest cherry blossom park in the country (even bigger than DC!), and when they are in bloom it is absolutely BREATHTAKING. He took me there last year the first time I came to his house to meet his family. =]
    If you’re anywhere near it, go check it out! It’s amazing.

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