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A few years ago I checked out MyHeritage when I read about their Celebrity Look-alike face recognition program. They’ve come a long way baby, with new applications and much better functionality for importing and sharing the results. One thing is still the same, it’s a great time suck.
I lurve this new Child Look-alike Meter. The smart folks tell me that my son is a perfect mix of me and my husband. I like that. Then, there are the others who are all, your son just looks like your husband. How dare they. I’m all NO! Without missing a beat. Now, I have proof. *shakes fist in the air*

The Celebrity Look-Alike is forever fun.

You think I resemble 72% of Aishwariya Rai? MyHeritage will you marry me?
But, enter a different photo and you get… Magic Johnson!?!

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3 Responses to “MyHeritage: a fun time suck”

  1. Belinda Oct 27 at 12:50 am Reply Reply

    Yeah, lots of fun, when you most resemble the woman who is known as “the most beautiful woman IN THE WORLD.” I think mine came back with some very old women and a couple of men, maybe Henry Kissinger.

  2. Isabel Kallman
    Isabel Kallman Oct 27 at 3:09 am Reply Reply

    You know that’s fun. You’ve seen the pictures in my private Flickr account, how I look when I’m a laughing hyena.
    Also, I just added another photo (business head shot) where I get… Magic Johnson as my best look-alike.

  3. cagey Oct 27 at 5:15 pm Reply Reply

    Well, look at this way – now in all of your online profiles, you can say “have been told I look like Aishwariya Rai”. hee!
    Actually, my husband just saw her and Abhishek in a Boston mall a few weeks ago (they are making a movie there). He said that she looked like a normal woman shopping, no crazy fans or anything like that.

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