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I miss my Christmas tree already. Do you? This is the time of the year to start building an indoor garden. Looky here what me and my son made.
This was surprisingly easy and the payoff big, in terms of enjoyment and compliments.
We’ve written before on how to make terrariums with your kids.
This is all you need:
* glass container (I used Anchor Hocking)
* potting soil
* pea gravel, pebbles, or very coarse sand (for drainage)
* activated charcoal (clean the air)
* sphagnum moss (protect the drainage layer)
* succulents
* very cute dinosaur figurines (or any other toy)
For directions and other great links, you should read our How To Make A Terrarium With Kids.
Also, a great resource for gardening with kids is Sow and Grow, a book organized like a calendar with indoor-gardening and related activities, all linked to seasonal celebrations and changes.


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3 Responses to “Make a Terrarium with your kids”

  1. Wowwymowwy Apr 28 at 10:04 pm Reply Reply

    This is very cute. I cant wait until my son is older and we can do projects like this

  2. Rebecca May 28 at 1:43 pm Reply Reply

    Wow, thanks. This looks really fun. My six year old grew seeds in kindergarten this year so he is really into the whole plant thing now. I’m going to bookmark this page so we can do a Terrarium together this summer.

  3. Carina Jun 04 at 10:43 am Reply Reply

    Those look great! I’m going to try to make terrariums with my little ones today, and was glad to come across this post. I’ll check out the other one, too.

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