How to Survive Cabin Fever if You are Craft-impaired



By Brian Sargent of Looky, Daddy!

Photo by luiginter
1. Insist that everyone go by fake names for a day.
Reserve “Capitan Pickle the Widowmaker” for yourself.

2. Don’t have your kids draw on paper and then hang it on the wall.
Instead, hang paper on the wall and then have them draw on it.

3. Find a stopwatch.
Even the most mundane of tasks become Extremely Important Things when they’re being timed. Try “How long does it take you to crawl under you bed and kick out every toy you find there” or “How fast can you shake this cocktail shaker ten times?”

4. Give yourselves Sharpie tattoos.
The markers only say ‘permanent’ to scare you.*

5. Above all, do not get out of your pajamas.
*They usually wash off within a week. Make sure you use non-toxic markers.

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    LOVE it!

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