How to Sing Your Child to Sleep



By Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil
1. Stick with the standards.
Yes, that aria from La Boheme was gorgeous, but chances are your kid won’t fall asleep to your screeched rendition of it. Choose classic lullabies with low, soothing tones.
2. Don’t worry about the words.
Your child will fall asleep fastest to repetitive sounds. That’s where a good “hmm mmm mmm” really comes in handy.
3. Create a deeply comforting memory.
Choose one song above all the others to be your own special lullaby. Your child will always feel comforted by that song, even as an adult. My mother sang “All the Pretty Little Horses” to me and I sing it now to my own children.
4. Feel the vibration.
Let your child rest his or her head on your chest as you sing. He will be in dreamland before you know it. This is especially beneficial for young babies, who will associate that sound with hearing your voice in the womb.
5. Exercise patience.
Singing your child to sleep may require as many as twenty repetitions of the same song. Get comfy- You may end up singing your own self to sleep, too.


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