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Returning to Work: How to Survive & How to Cut Yourself Some Slack Already


Dear Amy, Five months ago I had the most delicious little girl in the whole world. Perfectly chubby thighs? Check. Sleeps through the night? Check. Always smiling and/or laughing? Double check. In short, I’m half-way convinced that the hospital made a horrendous mistake by giving me someone else’s happy-go-lucky girl, and by giving my screaming, […]


Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog, Find Readers and Achieve World Domination in 10 Easy Steps


Amy! Oh.. wait.. I guess I shouldn’t be so casual. I read your blog, so I feel like I know you really well, but im really just some random stranger who you most probably think is kind of stalkerish. But im not! so lets start again. Good Morning, I have a question to ask you, […]


The End of the Affair: Do I Tell My Boss Her Boyfriend Is Cheating?


Hi Amy, I’ve found myself in a strange situation and I have no idea what to do. First, some background: I have a (summer) job. As a result, I have a boss. Let’s call her Emily. Emily was once married, but got divorced when she discovered that her husband was sleeping with her best friend. […]


Trademark Thy Business Name


Lots of news and conversation lately about trademarks and it’s made me think about this company’s experience and the vigilance a business-owner needs particularly in a “hot” space. First, I read how there’s “green gridlock” at the US Trademark Office with an overall 10% spike in trademark filings for green-themed marks over 2006. The most […]


Investor Meeting Update


Thanks to everyone for your well wishes on my last post. When I last left you (see below), I was in a common business situation. What should I have done? What do you think I did? Luckily, I was prepared. The day before, while walking through our presentation, one of my business partners did a […]

Investor Meetings Begin

Investor Meetings Begin


Me and Geoff Vuleta, CEO of innovation consultant Fahrenheit 212, Alpha Mom’s strategic partner So, we have our financial projections, presentation materials, prototypes ready and walk in for our first meeting. Our host comes out to greet us, but is rushed and immediately starts out by apologizing that he has some pressing business that needs […]

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