Because EW


Dearest Amalah, < grabs Amalah by the shoulders and starts vigorously shaking her while screaming "YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!" > < regains composure, apologizes profusely, explains that while mental instability runs in the family...I am not crazy, offers to pay to replace Amalah's highly-fashionable shirt, and then gets to the point > I hate […]


Because I Have Been Just WAITING For the Chance to Whip Out Some Wedding Pictures


Hi Amy, I wrote you AGES ago asking about how to get a Coach bag on discount, and then school kicked in and I promptly forgot to check back on your site for the advice. So imagine my surprise when I went back the other day, searched in your archives, and discovered that you answered […]


Book Tour: The Ghost in the House


Two years ago this month I checked myself into the psyche ward at a local hospital due to a debilitating bout of postpartum depression. My daughter was six months old, and I had been fighting feelings of hopelessness and anxiety since her birth. I had battled depression in college, and in the years leading up […]

Because Even I Get Tired of Talking About Foundation Sometimes

Because Even I Get Tired of Talking About Foundation Sometimes


Goddess of Advice, Dearest Amalah, I have a question regarding etiquette. I know that you recently left the office world where co-workers were a few feet a way and you are now learning the life of the freelancer, with fellow bloggers an IM away. But I would ask that you return to your office days […]

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