“Damaging” Hair to Make it Better?


I have fine hair, shoulder-length, with layers. It is pretty hard to style, and I am allergic to a lot of products, including the ones that say hypoallergenic, etc. My stylist suggested that I get it colored, even though I am fine with my current color (light-brown with blond highlights). He said that it would […]


That’s Mrs. Advice Smackdown to You, Bud


Dear Amy, My question is non-beauty related, but I think you’re completely qualified to answer it. I follow all of your blogs (yes, even ClubMom, and I’m not a Mom, but am completely smitten by Noah). As my friends are getting married, and “the one” has most certainly entered my life, I have begun to […]


Child of Mine: When Your Parents Disagree With Your Parenting


Hi Amy, I know this isn’t the usual kind of question you answer on the advice smackdown, but I thought you & the other parents might have some helpful words of advice for me. My husband & I are just starting to think about trying for our first baby. As someone who spent the greater […]


Ah, the French.


If you have a constant need, as most do, for easy excuses that will get you out of the house and into the arms of your current lover, the French have just the service you require! A new company called Alibila will provide alibis for everything from an afternoon tryst to a weekend lover’s jaunt. […]

Help My Husband’s Hair!

Help My Husband’s Hair!


Thanks to everyone who offered to demo their eye makeup routine! The response was overwhelming so I’m still mulling over how best to present them — Flickr group? Featured guest entries? I don’t know. But get cracking on your instructions and photos and send them in and I’ll figure it out. We could still use […]

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