Nine Bridesmaids in Blush & Bashful: When Your Family Wants to Pick Your Wedding Party


Oh Amy, I’ve been engaged a month and I can already tell my family and I are not going to be getting along until the wedding is over. My fiancé’s mom is amazing and told me (and meant it) that I could do whatever I wanted, it’s my day. My mom said the same thing […]


The End of the Affair: Do I Tell My Boss Her Boyfriend Is Cheating?


Hi Amy, I’ve found myself in a strange situation and I have no idea what to do. First, some background: I have a (summer) job. As a result, I have a boss. Let’s call her Emily. Emily was once married, but got divorced when she discovered that her husband was sleeping with her best friend. […]


Sex every day: would you do it?


So every week, while I’m writing my Wonderland column, Scott asks me if there’s anything he can do to help. Every week I ask him what he could possibly do. Write it for me? Massage my feet while I write? Massage his own feet while he watches me write? Then he says “fine, whatever,” and […]


When sacrificing for your kids does more harm than good


A friend of mine –let’s call her Julie—faced the following dilemma: she had organized a night out with her best friends, the first time they could all get together, without kids, in months. Her friends all being busy mothers, organizing that particular night took a great deal of planning. Needless to say, she was looking […]


Secondary Bridal Showers and Stepped-on Toes


Hi Amalah, My brother is getting married in October. His fiance’s sister is the maid of honor, so it is her job to organize a bridal shower, which she did very well (it’s an all-out luncheon, she’s got it figured out right down to the very napkin detail, I’m very impressed). She’s inviting the women […]

Housing Crisis: Staying With the In-Laws

Housing Crisis: Staying With the In-Laws


Dear Amy, My question doesn’t have anything to do with beauty advice, but rather how to avoid seeming like an elitist snob when I’m at my in-laws’ family reunion this summer. You give such great advice and are a creative thinker; I thought maybe you could help me. Here’s the deal. My husband’s parents have […]

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