Five Ways To Keep In Touch While Your Kid’s At Camp

Five Ways To Keep In Touch While Your Kid’s At Camp


Do you have kids who go away to camp? Tell me what it’s like…to have kids who go away in the summer. And don’t need your constant attention or need you to keep them busy or want you to take them to the pool or feed them 3 or 4 times a day(!). I have […]


Nine Bridesmaids in Blush & Bashful: When Your Family Wants to Pick Your Wedding Party


Oh Amy, I’ve been engaged a month and I can already tell my family and I are not going to be getting along until the wedding is over. My fiancé’s mom is amazing and told me (and meant it) that I could do whatever I wanted, it’s my day. My mom said the same thing […]


The End of the Affair: Do I Tell My Boss Her Boyfriend Is Cheating?


Hi Amy, I’ve found myself in a strange situation and I have no idea what to do. First, some background: I have a (summer) job. As a result, I have a boss. Let’s call her Emily. Emily was once married, but got divorced when she discovered that her husband was sleeping with her best friend. […]


Sex every day: would you do it?


So every week, while I’m writing my Wonderland column, Scott asks me if there’s anything he can do to help. Every week I ask him what he could possibly do. Write it for me? Massage my feet while I write? Massage his own feet while he watches me write? Then he says “fine, whatever,” and […]


When sacrificing for your kids does more harm than good


A friend of mine –let’s call her Julie—faced the following dilemma: she had organized a night out with her best friends, the first time they could all get together, without kids, in months. Her friends all being busy mothers, organizing that particular night took a great deal of planning. Needless to say, she was looking […]


Secondary Bridal Showers and Stepped-on Toes


Hi Amalah, My brother is getting married in October. His fiance’s sister is the maid of honor, so it is her job to organize a bridal shower, which she did very well (it’s an all-out luncheon, she’s got it figured out right down to the very napkin detail, I’m very impressed). She’s inviting the women […]

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