Rockabye, Baby

Rockabye, Baby


Amy, I’m expecting my first child at the end of March and am simply losing my mind trying to get organized. I think we’ve found a crib, I’m not even going to discuss car seats yet because they give me a headache but the latest crisis is finding a rocker or a gilder for the […]


What to suspect when you’re expecting


The New York Times broke the news this week: despite all the warnings against it, pregnant women have been known to sometimes enjoy a glass of beer or wine. Anyone who lives in the world knows this, although some people believe it’s their job to give the stink-eye to any woman with a bump who […]


Because Pregnancy Makes You Crazy, Period


Amalah, I guess I don’t know what I’m really looking for, be it advice, words of support, somebody to tell me to snap out of it… these are all acceptable responses to this email. My problem is not really a problem at all, in fact, it’s wonderful, I should be overjoyed. I am pregnant with […]


Because I Am Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille


Don’t forget, we’re spreading out the questiony goodness this week, so each question will be its very! own! entry! Yesterday’s question can be found here, while tomorrow’s question only exists IN THE FUTURE, like, whoa, man. WHOA. Dear Amalah, First of all, the baby of yours is divine. Second, I have a problem. Either my […]


Tips; good for a waitress, good for your health. (National Child Health Day: tips for raising a healthy child)


Is anyone starting to notice how the fall seems really focused on health and wellness holidays? Because there was family dinner night, which as we discussed, is supposed to cure cancer. I think that’s what I read anyway. Then there’s Family Health and Fitness day and Breast Cancer Awareness and oh! What’s this? Today is […]


“Come on everyone and Mousercise!” (Family Health & Fitness Day: Best tips for getting family active)


Tomorrow, September 30th, is Family Health & Fitness Day. Let’s start out with this plain fact: I hate exercise. This is the part where you tell me how I just haven’t found the thing I like to do yet. And I’ll nod and stare blankly at you as you run through a long list of […]

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