Can I handle taking care of a baby?


Because Babies Don’t Come With Nice Leather-Bound Dayplanners Hi there! I’ve been reading you at amalah & here since the beginning of the school year (I even read the archives; I had a lot of time on my hands before the kids came back) and I love the amount of thought that you give to […]


Stem cell & cord blood collection: is it worth it?


Ladies! Has your monthly time been a period of shame and hiding? Well! It turns out that menstrual blood is much more than womanly offscourings. Hide no longer, and rejoice in that precious Red Gold spilling forth from your parts. Let me explain, before you click your way out of here. Cryo-cell International has launched […]

Necessities for Baby’s First Year: The Baby-Gift-a-Month Club

Necessities for Baby’s First Year: The Baby-Gift-a-Month Club


Two years ago, I packed my life in two bags and left for London. Living here has been wonderful, I have an amazing job, and being alone in a strange country has done wonders to my marriage. However, all this time, I have not been able to go back to visit, and needless to say, […]


Trying to Conceive: Infertility Before Age 30


Dearest Amalah, I’ve been reading Amalah and the Smackdown for quite a while now and I’m hoping that maybe you can help me. I’m pretty sure you can relate to what I’m about to say. For many, many years I swore that I just wasn’t the kind of person who would want to have kids. […]


Pregnancy Diet: What types of protein dishes and how much should I consume?


Featured parenting professional: Diane Henderiks, RD of Dietitian in the Kitchen


Skipping the Baby Registry: Yay or Nay?


Dear Amalah, I know this isn’t beauty advice I’m seeking but you always have the smart answers so I’ll try… My husband and I just got married 3 months ago and in fact got pregnant on our honeymoon. Some friends and relatives are pressuring me to register for baby gifts. The problem is we are […]

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